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The Younger Sibling; A 30 Under 30 Founder and the Dead Stuff …

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

You know how the youngest in the family usually has that carefree, chilled air? That foundation forged on

“Just let your little brother have that” “Give it to the baby, she only little” ?

I’m the eldest of three girls … hmmm

So, we swore there wouldn’t be another candle in the i.d store. Truly, we have the most luxurious (and currently exclusive in the UK) in our Dal Cero and BONA Fide collections … We wondered if there could be three opposites, and then found it. Currently stuck in Paris (10 days after shipping) but arriving tomorrow is our Maison Shiiba addition.

This candle is frivolous, fun and cute. There’s even a life affirming amulet in each, that’s slowly released from the melting 100% soy-wax. We have chosen one Fig and the Oud options. Dispite the scent names, they are unique. The baby of our candle family is also packaged beautifully and just like the BONA Fide collection, the scents are created in Grasse, home to some of the finest French perfumes.

Our candle family is complete. Sign up to our mailing list, so you don’t miss the blog post about candle lighting rituals and self care. Surprised to be writing this one, as I thought everyone already did it! There will also be an exciting announcment about the Dal Cero Collection.

We discovered a brand and founder recently, who despite being listed as a pretty big deal, answers his own emails; connects and communicates freely on LinkedIn. He is a Forbes 30 under 30 with one of those

"why didn’t someone think of that already?" products. He and his team are inspirational!

Not only is Rebottled’s mission to be part of a completely ‘circular’ nation, their glass-industry revolution is being powered by people who have struggled to find meaningful work in the current job market.

These glasses are elegant, finished beautifully and make for great talking pieces. The lamps complete the bottle and are stylish with a quality finish.

Proud to have found your brand Jermain, inspired by the circular movement … whilst we work our way around understanding Brexit rules fully.

Circular living brings us swiftly to the once alive, dead stuff in the i.d store.

I was recently part of a conversation with a good vegetarian friend. He has already made an order for the beautiful Skull, the one with carved butterflies, but was saddened (low key horrified) at the sight of our luxurious, rare breed, Gotland sheepskins. Both are byprodcuts, (meaning no items in our store are killed specifically to be there) a fact that was difficult for him to get around; I’d like to say we eventually managed, but it was not the case.

With only 8% of the world population identifying as vegetarian there are clearly going to be byproducts (bones, organs, fat etc) that ends up in soap, fertiliser, gelatin, medicines and other products. But leather has always been the most prized byproduct.

Gotland sheep are a Swedish breed from the Island of Gotland. Their skins are prized worldwide for their quality, softness and colour. They are commonly regarded as the most luxurious sheepskin rugs in the world. Usually in shades of grey, white and black. The sheep are given a good life, and again, these rare, supremely luxurious skins are a byproduct.

Each item, Skull and SheepSkin, is completely unique, obviously recycled, robust and will not loose value or lustre (please keep both out of consistent, direct sunlight).

Our store has been curated with slow-living, sustainable items to elevate your home and enhance wellbeing, yes, even the skull! The skilled, hand carved, craftsmanship that goes in to each unique piece is nourishing to the soul. There will never be another exactly the same.

There's a reason both items will sell out quickly and why we're happy to take returns if you don’t love them.

Let’s reuse and refill everywhere viably possible.

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