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Michelle  took control of the design of my flat refurbishment and created impressive results. I hadn’t realised how much a designer could improve a place until I saw the ideas she presented to me which were both sympathetic to my older fashioned comfort zone while bringing my flat up to date with the ideas that would impress and appeal to the young adults I will be renting to and ultimately sell to.

Michelle and her team provide an excellent service. She sourced high quality furnishings, decorated existing furnishings and assisted with removals. I couldn’t have asked for more and I achieved a 16% increase in sale price on offer I received a year ago.


I would work with her again and recommend her highly


believe Michelle designed this throw many years ago. She made only ten and I was the incredibly lucky recipient of one. 

Over the years, SO MANY people have stroked it , shnuggled it and tried to take it home, many have offered me cash!

Not long ago, I was made an offer I couldn't refuse (sorry Michelle) ... can't tell you how relieved I am to hear she's going to make more. Pre ordering recommended!  

Michelle and her team, elevated my rental prospective, so I could put it on the market at a higher rate and in turn attract a different kind of tenant. That might not be a PC thing to say, but it means I have less stress. Michelle even recommended a fortnightly cleaner, so all the care that was taken can be maintained. 

I will hire them for all my rentals. Highly recommended!  

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