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The Great House Market Crash

Had to get your attention! No, there doesn't seem to be a crash coming any time soon

Each season, we compile a brochure telling you why, if selling your property, you should stage or dress it, to enhance it's greatest qualities and make light of any short fallings your building may have. It seems the most obvious thing to do; do you take a shower or make an effort with your appearance before a date or an interview? You want the very best outcome, in the property sales market, that's a quick sale, at a great price.

As for the click-bait title, after reading several articles, it looks like there will be a fall but not a crash! Some publications state prices are continuing to rise.

By spending up to 1% of your sale price on preparing/ dressing/ staging your property, you will raise the price of your home by 10%-16%, meaning the predicted 2% drop we're due to experience over the next two years, will be less inconvenient in the long run.

Find our brochure below. Get in touch, yourself or ask your agent to call us.

Don't go on that date, or to the interview in your PJs. Go for the very best outcome, you deserve that!
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