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i.d store 2NDs

One man's trash and all ...

We predominantly stage homes pre-sale or for rentals. We love it because it’s quick (five to ten days), the results are remarkable; 98% of clients see fast, above asking price sales. Staged homes really DO sell FASTER and for MORE additionally (we love you clients), and in comparison to interior decor projects, we are left to our own devices … the pre-sale staging client has already moved on, they want to start life in their new home, if they haven’t already … some have reported they’d like to stay, after we’ve decluttered, repaired and restyled! But ...

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet” Rachel Wolchin

We hire, borrow and buy items to give the property a neutral, luxurious, inviting feel. I particularly love that we find beautiful seconds, in need of some attention.

I.d store 2NDs has arisen from items we don’t have space for. It’s the sale of items that are predominantly already second hand (would i.d store 3RDs be more fitting?), that we given a new lease of life to but either don’t need or won’t fit.

It actually makes no sense, we always need ‘stuff’. You may find me calling you, wanting to borrow a particular item.

When we have space for an enormous warehouse instead of our cute, central London storage unit, we’ll get to keep it all!

In the meantime, items currently for sale could not fit through the doors or up the stairs of recent projects, yep rookie errors. Large front door but narrow, low stairs, narrow back door with huge spacious stairs ...

A couple of us love restoring antiques, so you may find some not so neutral hidden gems occasionally.

Moving into a new home comes at an expenses, unless you buy the property fully furnished. It's obviously a lot of fun, curating your style for the space and sourcing aesthetic pieces. The plus in finding stylish 2NDs is that they're a smaller finacial commitment, they are more likely to be unique and sometimes, they'll just do, whilst you look for the perfect items. We once lived in a home with no furniture for months! whilst I looked for perfection.

Follow us on instagram where we’ll post photos of items; you can simply add SOLD in the comments, to the post you want to purchase OR get in touch and we’ll add your name to our i.d store 2NDs listings via email.

Currently sharing treasures x

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