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“Your Shop Is Sh!t! Where Are The Colours?” The Art Of Staging Your Home

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

You don’t need us, but we’d love it if you call, when you’re ready to sell your home … Faster and for More!

A new friend recently took a look at our i.d store “It’s sh!t” he proclaimed “where are the colours?”

We had just added the Desert Modern Collection, something that felt SO wild, risque and adventurous, due to the colour elements. The muted burnt orange, eucalyptus green and malted yellow, not to mention the muti-colour threaded cushions … sh!t seemed a tad harsh!

In preparing your home to be put on the market, there are steps it’s advisable to take. We’d love for you to call in the pros, but by no means is it essential.

If the home is fully furnished, it takes ruthless editing of your space, if you’ve already moved out, replacing, neutral, elegant, timeless items, mixed with a touch of wabi-sabi (purposeful imperfection), will ensure potential buyers are inspired. The task at hand is for said visitors to imagine their life (an even better life than they already have) in the home.

An estate agent recently told us about a beautifully curated home with floor to ceiling animal print, interrupted only by giant floral AND foliage print wall paper. The solid colour orange sofa with pink and emerald armchairs grounded the space sufficiently but has left all potential buyers, so far, uplifted yet uninspired to make an offer. Our job in that space would be to neutralise the palate for something universally calming, but by no means boring. Almost an impossible task for someone emotionally attached to their personal creativity … 24 months later, this beautiful home remains on the market whilst we chant & pray to be given the keys!

Today we viewed a beautiful off-market, architectural masterpiece. A bargain at £7M. Surprisingly no leopard print to be seen. The task of staging this home is as exciting as any other; to enhance every nook, to create ‘moments’, to inspire the dream. Buying a home is an emotional purchase, even as an investment. To hope for the best price without speaking to your buyers’ emotions is risky. As mentioned in a previous post about salad, only 7% of the general pubic can imaging an empty or cluttered space as their dream home.

If you think your options are limited pre-sale, at least carry out the six points below … if you want to sell quickly and for more.

DIY Tips to move your property off the market plus one little known resource your (London UK) estate agent hasn’t mentioned


2. Work on the most visible UPDATES

3. Ensure all surfaces are CLEAN

4. The FIRST IMPRESSION is everything (eight second rule)

5. Appeal to ALL the senses


PLUS Two Secret Tips:

a) We will carry out decluttering and soft staging with pay-after-sale terms*

b) We will host your Open House (when staged by us), inviting your agent’s buyers and acquisitions agents, meaning buyers see the competition, potentially leading to more swift offers.

And the i.d store? Yes, it’s filled with luxurious, sustainable, neutral pieces. Each item pairs well with other neutrals and will compliment the most colour injected, pattern heavy home. Will we get more adventurous? No! But we’re open to (neutral) suggestions.

And as for the properties mentioned above, we can put you in touch with the Kensington menagerie of colour and if you’re looking for an off-market super-home with the ultimate wow-factor and possibly the best views in the UK, hit us up for a Invitation Only Open House viewing.

Finally, there’s talk of a potential pop-up i.d store in Knightsbridge, for the festive season. Sign up for our newsletter, if you’d like to hear more.

*(subject to condition)

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