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Daily Rituals say so much about who we are ... How do you take care of You?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

I want to tell you that my morning starts with the deepest, dark roast Ethiopian bean espresso, paired with the most buttery, flakey yet moist croissant (I know a guy) but in reality, it’s a cleansing, organic, nettle tea and gluten-free thoughts only.

If you follow on instagram or even LinkedIn, you’ll know I made a post, requesting your input … what are your daily Rituals? Things you imagine everyone does, actions that set you up for the day, routines that mark the start of your evening.

Elle magazine had a similar thought and have just published their list of anxiety busting rituals

I was pleasantly surprised to receive more than one fellow female response of:

“Masterbate, hydrate, meditate, caffinate”

Is there a tee-shirt I missed somewhere?

There were many Savasana or corps pose entries, surprising for morning or pre-bed, since we already spend a whole bunch of time lying down, but it was mentioned enough for me to want to give it a go.

A close contender was journaling, the process of noting your goals, dreams aspirations and appreciation. I have a feeling this mindful practice became more popular with the start of the pandemic.

There was of course Rosé n’ Chill, Netflix n’ Chill, a couple of things I probably shouldn’t repeat and of course chocolate and bubble baths. Yep, we asked for Rituals not specifically Self-Care, meaning personal daily habits, good or ‘bad’.

“A routine is made up of those things we do every day. A ritual, however, is how we break up the monotony, create joy in the mundane and nourish our souls”

Take aways I love the sound of and may try:

* Pay complete attention to something you usually do on autopilot

* Change up the way you make decisions

* Take a moment to DO NOTHING

My rituals tend to change with the seasons. The 90 minute walk at 5.30am came to an abrupt holt last week.

Our I.d store was imagined with selfceare rituals in mind

“ for people who cherish comfort, whose essence is nourished by a feeling of bliss, where senses are honored and nurtured. It's possible and completely reasonable to want to make your home like a hotel ... but better”

I once lived on Cheung Sha Beach, Lantau Island, HK. I will always remember a friend staying for a couple of weeks. Rosie would light incense for her morning shower, practice yoga and light a candle to have breakfast. I, on the other hand, would wake up with enough time to shower and sprint to the ferry taking me to my welding job.

Come the evening, Rosie would have started cocktails early from her media job and stumble into her bed each night, fully dressed and crumpled. My contrasting evening ritual, would commence as soon as I boarded the Star Ferry, meditating with its rocking motion, whist listening to the calming sea. Once at home, transforming from Bob the Builder to Cleopatra.

I have always cherished a good evening ritual, selecting candles to enhance my mood, showering and changing into something floaty; using the most sumptuous body oils and lotions, with music, good food and sometimes friends. I did take a page from Rosie’s book so, now I light one of our Maison Shiiba candles for my morning shower., with no other light. Its shimmering brass container is perfect for the bathroom; the fragrances are perfectly sensual.

Because I often work from home, I want my ‘office space’ to feel luxurious but not candle-lit-chilled, so we’re currently experimenting with the DAL CERO Scented Minerals.

This genius concept of untreated natural minerals (they look like crystal rocks), with perfume oils that diffuse the sumptuous Dal Cero aromas, where the minerals sit in the stylish glass bowl, you add the oil (current favourite is OASI ORIENTAL) is a visual and aromatic indulgent pleasure .

Add your name to our mailing list to be one of the first to know when the Minerals are available here!

They can be used alone or added to the Dal Cero signature concrete structure THEN come the evening, you can swap it with the striking, soy-wax, richly scented candle insert … or choose our BONA Fide candle for a completely different vibe.

Your candle care ritual is also important. Did you know that trimming your wick and snuffing rather than blowing your candle out will make for a more even burn and therefore make it last longer?

What are the rituals Day and or Evening that make you happy, bring you a sense of Bliss and Wellbeing? How do you appreciate you?

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