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We use sheepskin rugs on chairs, benches and draped over sofas, for texture and warmth. When staging, we've used pre-loved skins, but clients often wanted to keep them, we obviously had to find new ones. 

Ethically crafted and hand-selected for their finest quality our endlessly versatile sheepskin rugs will effortlessly transform your home whatever your style. With the multitude of use, those statement rugs will instantly add cosiness and elegance to any scheme

Our rare Swedish Gotland Sheepskins are highly sought after for their distinctive curly pelts and spectacular grey and silver colours,
The skins can vary from big, defined curls, to loose, soft waves or tight corkscrews - all are unique and truly luxurious. They are silky soft, yet very robust.


Skins are selected at random, but we order the largest we can find. 


Tanned without the use of harmful chemicals. 100% Natural



    Sheepskin  Natural Grey(s); Black; Taupe; Oyster 70 - 120cm

    (sizes and shades may vary)


    Brush (pet brush) and vacuum regularly

    Clean any stains with a damp cloth. Do not apply cleaning products or chemicals

    Let the coat dry naturally (not in the sun or over the heating)

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