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Two UK Exclusives plus the Luxurious Throws with a 20-year repair or replace guarantee.

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Pleasures of curating this most stylish interior decor store.

I posted this instagram caption recently:

You know when you find an object that’s so pleasing to your soul, you need to sniff it and it ends up smelling so sublime you have to own it … THEN you find out the makers are as nerdy and passionate about stuff as you are and they’re going to let you add their stuff to your heart fuelled curated store? Well, all of that happened. @d.a.l.c.e.r.o candles weigh 1130g; burn time is about 40hrs; made from recycled, raw materials with scents that simply transport you, subtly to a sensually magical land ✨

The last few months have been the above, on roll and repeat. Curating this store is an indescribable pleasure, I’ve tried to describe it. It’s like Christmas shopping all year round, without the crowds, the pressure and the January sales.

How can I decide what decor items others will love? I can’t. I really do have immpecible taste though, but taste is subjective right?

The plan is to make it as easy as possible to shop, return stuff, (get store credit or a refund) and keep coming back for items that may elevate your space, your mood or make great gifts.

I’m a great believer in not having a lot of stuff. Although not a true minimalist, objects with no purpose makes little sense to me, that’s why the decor pieces we stock are only huge, then their purpose is at least, filling a space! This store is a stager and stylist’s dream.

We have a throw and a blanket with a 20 year repair or replace guarantee. Yep. Read that again. Not only are they beautiful, they feel indulgent and you can expect the very best from them, for up to 20 years or the incredible ateliers will repair or replace, recycling the old returns. Don’t you love that?

We wanted to choose just one iconic candle. Impossible. We currently have UK Exclusivity on the two styles we've chosen. A box from Paris arrived this morning!

BONA Fide parfame candles are the creation of Sarah Cami; drawn by Armelle Tisser, with each scent developed by world-renowned perfumer, Nathalie Feisthauer, creator of several Cartier and Comme des Garçons fragrances. Trained in Grasse, a rebel in the perfume world. The pots are delicate, the artwork exquisite and the perfume … I’m refraining from lighting them all at once, but from each box exudes aromas that transport. Refills are being produced in Sarah’s studio as I write, meaning, if shopping for yourself, you will only have to buy each/ one porcelain pot once.

The illustrations are named after different moods of a woman and are captured exactly. A beautiful treat for yourself or anyone you care about. Beautifully packaged.

Our second luminary offering is almost an opposite. The Dal Cero candle is robust visually, with delicate complex aromas. Constructed from recycled concrete, hand poured in their workshop in Germany, these Italian brothers, lovingly created a brand from their family name. They are passionate, focused and ethically driven. Not wanting to outsourced any part of producing these candles, they are able to maintain the integrity that is the backbone of their vision.

Using raw, recycled ingredients. The beautiful concrete structure is reusable, even mid burn, due to the glass, soy wax filled, exchangeable pods. This candle arrives, incased in a striking minimalist box; the perfect connoisseur’s gift choice. Another UK Exclusive, weighing in at 1130g, making it a talking piece in itself. The aromas delicately enhance a room, even without lighting.

There will be another candle. Can there be three oppositse? This one is #watchthisspace.

To round off this ode to i.d Store candles (and our luxurious throws), you may have noticed our candle accessories. Taking care of the burn will result in an even one. Snip the wick, snuff out the flame and light them elegantly, with ease, using the 20 cm Oud Wood matches. Great for leaving in the bathroom too.

Please make contact with suggestions, requests and enquiries. Just because we’re online, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends xoxo

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