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We lived in a four-star hotel once … for over six months.

It was okay, glamorous I guess, but I always thought I’d be happier if we had that missing star.

The bed linen was changed three times per week, fresh towels arrived daily.

Yes, I made my bed but housekeeping made it better. 

I didn’t touch a vacuum cleaner, for nearly a year. I moved the furniture around a bit, swapped out the bathroom products for our personal favourites, stocked our mini bar with miso soup and olives, added a few of our own throws, a vase, fresh flowers ... I did what needed to be done!

Yes, I miss it now (pretend hated it then). I believe Home should be your own plush retreat.  Where guests (friends & family) want to pay to stay but don’t, obviously..

If you're selling or renting your property, we'll style it for you. Staging sets a scene, shows a potential lifestyle, drawing the viewer in, inspiring the prospective buyer with a glimpse of what's possible with the space.

Our i.d Store is for people who cherish comfort, whose essence is nourished by a feeling of bliss, where senses are honored and nurtured. It's possible and completely reasonable to want to make your home like a hotel  ... only better 


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Buy the Look

In the i.d Store, you'll find some of our favourites. Items we use for staging, styling and design.

Ridiculously comfortable bed linen; luxurious and elegant UK Exclusive items, from noteworthy designers and craftspeople; housewarming gifts and iconic pieces of furniture.

With sustainable style in mind, we are curating a luxurious space, where slow living and ethical sourcing go hand in hand with supreme quality and premium craftsmanship.

Just like the very best hotel ... only better.

Watch this space xoxo


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50 Cornwall Gardens. London. SW7 4AD. UK

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