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The glasses are skillfully handcrafted from robust borosilicate glass. 
The step detail also allows the glasses to stack, saving space in your cupboard or your drinks trolley. 

Short Tumbler Glass / Old Fashioned Glass

This size is perfect for sipping your favourite whisky plain, on the rocks or as an Old Fashioned
 Clear + Smoke 
Set of 2


GOOD DESIGN FOR DAILY LIFE Aaron Probyn brand was founded on the principle that good design lasts a lifetime.

This cohesive range of beautifully designed products are intended to be both useful and emotionally engaging.

The objective is to create objects that enrich the everyday, using the finite raw materials we have on this Earth consciously and wisely.

RYE Short Tumbler Glass / Set of F 2

  • Size: D 8.5cm x H 7cm / 300ml

    RYE glassware range has been designed to elevate the drinking experience, whether water, beer, wine or a meticulously mixed cocktail. 

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